Political Advertisement Voiceover

I’ve been called the “voice of reason” for lending credibility and authority to political advertisements. I give political voiceover a conversational delivery with some weight and gravitas. From candidate biography ads, to response and attack ads, to political action campaigns – I’m a good addition to your political campaign’s media presence. My ability to record and instantly deliver audio, at all hours, 7 days a week, even when I travel, can help your campaign be responsive as it needs to be.

 My Political Voiceover Work is Managed By

Scott Linder and Company    Washington DC


Obama for America

NRDC - Anti fracking

Minor For Mayor of Syracuse NY


John Bel Edwards for Governor

Drew Edmundson - for Attorney General

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Southern Environmental Law Center

State of Texas - Vote

Citizens for a nuclear free Iran

Lisa Madigan for Attorney General of Illinois