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Leif Anders


I am a naturalized US citizen, an immigrant from Sweden, and I’m married to an Australian Olympian, raising three cool kids in Austin Texas.

I’m a working member of the Screen Actors Guild, and have been since 1988. Since then, I’ve been represented by The Tisherman Agency in Los Angeles, where I have worked with VO agent, and friend, Vanessa Gilbert. The agency was home to Don LaFontaine and Ashton Smith. Ashton, my talent agent back in the day, is now the best trailer narrator “In a world”.

My Company, VOpro Inc., an S –Corp, is now incorporated in Texas. I work from my personal recording studio and connect with clients many different ways, from ISDN and IP connections, to phone patch sessions delivered at the speed of light.  My pipe to the internet is gigabit Google Fiber.


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