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Leif Anders is a voiceover professional - VO pro.

Offering professional narration for trailers like the holiday classic "Elf ", One a Day Vitamins, and powerful political commercials for Obama for America - Leif Anders is the voice of reason.

His documentaries includes "Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire " a 13 episode series for History Channel. "Disaster in the Gulf: A race against time" a chilling account of the deep water horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico for Discovery HD. Leif's corporate and industrial clients include NASA, Allianz, GM, Stetson and others.

Leif is available from his recording studio directly to your studio or edit suite using all technologies including Session Link Pro - WebRTC recording sessions.

Leif's vo demos can be heard by clicking the DEMOS links above.




Leif Anders Voiceover