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Leif Anders

VO Professional

What do the pros say about my Voice Over?

“Fabulous read. Incredible concept.”

“Nice spot, but the VO is epic. You’re on my list, Leif. Great job.”

“Wow! What a great ad! “Empty as Hell right now!”…love it. Great job Leif”

“Hilarious!  Love that ad…makes me want a Hellcat so I guess it worked.  Nice job Leif!”

“Fantastic read, great copy, fun spot.”

“Great work all the way around.”

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Take a look:


Where else have you heard my VO?

Listen or watch more examples of my professional voice overs by clicking on the menu bar at the top of the page!

I have been at this for a while and you’ve probably heard me many times before: from movie trailers for the 2003 Christmas feature film  “ELF”, to the 2018 Super Bowl AD above for Dodge.  I might be best known in Political  circles for Ad Campaigns for Obama for America the NRDC environmental campaigns and  many others.  I also narrate  corporate films and documentaries including a “Race against Time the Deep Water Horizon  Disaster” for Discovery Channel HD.  I  have read many principle roles for TV ads aired with tens of millions of dollars in national ad buys like the ad for Dodge featured here.  

How do you get professional VO?

Pretty simple: book me thru any of my agents below, send me your script, and we’ll connect to record your project.

I work from local studios and my personal recording studio, connecting many different ways.  From old school ISDN or  connections like ipDTL, where you record on your end, to phone patch where I record while you listen in. I can deliver the recording at the speed of light with Gigabit Google Fiber.


Solid Talent – LA 

  Vanessa Gilbert (818) 710-9904

DB Talent – Austin

 Debora Duckett  (512) 292-1030

DeSanti Talent – Chicago

 Suzanne DeSanti  (773) 585-5843

Pastorini Bosby Talent – Houston

 Cindi Davis-Andress  (713) 266-4488